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Course Introduction

For 74 years, John C. Maxwell’s personal mission could be summed up in one phrase: Adding value to people who multiply value to others. But behind that phrase was a conviction—a life-changing belief that fueled every intentional step that John took as a growing and committed leader.

John wanted to live a life that makes a difference. That belief is what propelled his writing career, his speaking career, his work as a philanthropist, and now as a Transformation emissary. A life that makes a difference is what every person is meant to live, yet so many don’t. Whether they never set out on the journey to make a difference, or something derailed that journey along the way, so many people settle for lives that are ordinary when the opportunity to live an extraordinary life is right in front of them.

That’s why, for John’s 74th birthday, he has authorized this unique video collection on 7 Principles for Building (or Re-Building) a Life that Makes a Difference. Featuring one video from each of John’s seven best-selling video courses, this collection will walk you through the seven principles that John used to inspire and fuel his journey towards an impactful life. Like John, when you follow and apply these principles, you can turn your life from an unintentional, ordinary life into an intentional, transformational life that makes a difference to everyone around you.

This collection will teach you how to:

  • cultivate a passion for making a difference
  • discipline yourself to make a difference
  • develop a thinking habit that makes a difference
  • cultivate and use influence to recruit others to help you make a difference
  • communicate effectively about the difference you want to make
  • recruit a team with valuable perspectives that help you make a greater difference
  • leave a legacy of leaders who will keep making a difference

The collection features:

  • Seven high-quality video lessons from John’s best-selling courses
  • PDF worksheets with fill in the blank notes
  • Lifetime access to the material

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